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Cockpit and companionway

The term cockpit was used in the Navy it was where the coxswain who steered the vessel was located.

The console took up a lot of room in the cockpit so we’ve sealed the opening and will cut a hole for a slender steering column to attach and connect to cables below. This was not a fun job for Donny and Jeff as fiberglass is itchy and messy! The cockpit becomes like a family or living room where we will spend the majority of our time and we wanted as much room here as possible. We plan to finish the floor with teak grate.

The steps extended out into the galley floor almost to the hatch (you can see the line of holes where it was hinged). Jeff cut the top step off making the first step lower which helps with head clearance and moved the steps back eight inches or more. Eventually he’ll make new steps but this was helpful for now.


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Hatches & portlights

Portlights are the windows in the cabin from the French ‘porte’ which means door. Ours are stainless steel and open but won’t stay open. Jeff’s cogitating a creative dingle-dongle-thing-a-ma-bobber to hold them up and open. And I may make rubber covers for the locks—I have hit my head on them repeatedly and the boat’s not moving yet, lol. Donny pulled them all out and resealed. No leaks so far!


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Vberth/Pullman= Pull-V!

insulation and fir strips to attach beadboard
wiring run from galley to pullvey and chain locker
beadboard glued, screwed, and expanding foam filled in the gaps
do you see something ODD about the the direction of this beadboard?
still needs to be painted and trimmed


multi talented first mate!
tank below removed, floor sealed with fiberglass for dry storage
yes, coffin like but its a bright CLEAN coffin


2016-08-30 19.41.15.jpg


AFTER! With a splash of color!